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Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue & Educational Center is a USDA licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit wildlife sanctuary catering primarily to lemurs, the most endangered species on the planet. We are home to 40 lemurs of five different species.
Ringtail Ranch is unique to other sanctuaries as we are species-specific and provide a forever home to our surrenders. Lemurs will spend the rest of their lives - up to 40 years! - at the ranch. It is critical to provide them with proper climate-controlled indoor/outdoor habitats, specialized diets and mental enrichment as they have the intelligence and emotional needs of human toddlers.

Most of our ring-tailed lemurs have been victims of the exotic pet trade, abused, neglected and/or surrendered by their owners due to unmanageable behaviors. They DO NOT make good pets, which is why Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue was founded. It is our mission to provide the highest possible quality of life for our animals and educate others on the importance of conservation, compassion and respect for all living creatures.


Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue

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We give lemurs a forever home in a sanctuary designed just for them.

There are so many ways you can help! Here are some of the things we need on a regular basis, along with fun enrichment items.


Read more on this subject if you're not convinced.

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