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Volunteering at Ringtail Ranch

Ringtail Ranch receives regular inquiries from compassionate animal lovers who would like to volunteer their time. While we sincerely appreciate the interest and willingness to help, we are not able to accept volunteers without at least two years of exotic animal experience due to the inherent danger captive-bred lemurs pose to humans.

In truth, what we need most of all are donations! Primates - particularly those with special needs - are very expensive to care for, and we're committed to providing our rescues with the highest quality of life possible. That means every dollar goes back to feeding, housing and nurturing the lemurs.

If you'd like to help provide food, enrichment activities and housing upgrades for the lemurs, you can make a donation here

You can also browse our online store, purchase tickets to encounters, and spread the word about Ringtail Ranch!
Your support makes a world of difference to the animals who call Ringtail Ranch home.
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