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     Lemurs have become one of the most endangered species on the planet. The only place lemurs live in the wild is Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa. Many people purchase lemurs for pets and realize within a few years it was not a good choice. Once they become adults their instincts take over, that once loving pet becomes aggressive towards the people he has known for years.


 We realized there was a need for lemurs needing forever Homes. We started taking in lemurs 10 years ago and our troop has grown in size since then. Ever year we are inundated with calls for rehoming lemurs and only a few sanctuaries to fill all their needs.


The most important thing for us is to have happy and healthy lemurs. Every lemur receives a full health check before being introduced to the troops. If they are not already neutered or spayed we take care of that as well. We make sure they get plenty of time in the sun, climbing trees and looking for food just like the would in the wild. When its time to come inside they have a very comfortable indoor, heated and air-conditioned encloser. The troops settle in and enjoy a variety of enrichment daily. Not all the lemurs are housed together. We are very careful to match up lemurs that get along  well with each other to avoid any stink fight on the ranch. 

We are in the process of building more indoor enclosures to accommodate lemurs along with planting trees that are good for their diet. Eating leaves and chewing on branches are all a part of daily activity that keeps them busy and healthy. Chewing on branches keeps their teeth clean and the leaves provide a nature floss which is essential for healthy teeth and gums.

We are a self funded non-profit rescue. We hope in time to have fundraisers, auctions and events to help us raise funds for the lemurs. Our goal is to have a home for as many lemurs that we can afford to give a safe, comfortable and enriched environment that they will thrive in. 


T: 1-806-781-1076


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