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Ringtail Ranch - now a USDA-licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife facility housing 40 lemurs and other exotic animals - began almost 15 years ago in a pet store.

When Jeanna Treider locked eyes with Chach, a baby ring-tailed lemur for sale at a local pet store, she fell in love. Her decision to bring him home would drastically alter the course of her life and ultimately lead to the establishment of Ringtail Ranch.


Lemurs, native only to Madagascar, are one of the most endangered species on the planet; yet, in the United States, they are captive-bred to be bought and sold like puppies at just a few days old. In Texas, there are no requirements to meet when purchasing a lemur and education is limited about their care. As a result, most are rehomed, mishandled or euthanized for aggressive behavior by the time they reach five years old.


Lemurs are extremely intelligent primates with a complex social structure and the emotional needs of a toddler. They can live into their thirties and require a special diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and "monkey biscuits," as well as sunlight on a daily basis with ample space to exercise and play.

Thirty-two of the lemurs at Ringtail Ranch were rescued from Texas and all over the country. The other seven lemurs are not rescues but act as animal ambassadors for the sanctuary's educational program.

It is the mission of Ringtail Ranch to provide forever homes to abandoned, neglected and unwanted captive-bred lemurs. Education is the key to protecting these animals from the unfortunate circumstances they are so often forced to endure.

Ringtail Ranch, which gained its 501(c)(3) status in May 2019 and its USDA license in June 2020, is a private facility that offers educational encounters by appointment to spread the word about lemurs and instill respect for all living creatures.


The sanctuary has plans to expand and include more species of animals in their encounters, as Lubbock does not have a zoo or exotic animal education facility. Animal education instills a sense of responsibility and a respect for nature and all living creatures. It also increases sensitivity to and awareness of the feelings and needs of others - both humans and animals.


Pease visit our encounter page for more information and to schedule your visit!

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