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Chach was the lemur who started it all. It began with a random visit to a pet store.  Our family had recently lost our Siberian lynx, Ozzy and we were completely heart broken. Due to his nature we couldn't have any other pets in the house. It was very quiet and empty without him. We would often go to the pet store and check out all the crazy critters and always say "hello" to the lemurs. They were always fascinating to watch.  This one particular day we stopped by to visit and noticed there was a young male ringtail lemur for sale, he had been there for a while and we felt sorry for him. Long story short we brought him home knowing absolutely nothing about lemurs. We had years of experience with many exotics, but nothing could prepare us for Chach. We bonded instantly, he was everywhere that we were and he never spent another night in a cage, he was great with our whole family. Time went by and we realized that even with all the time we spent with him, he needed more, he started to change and act different towards us and that was when we realized that he needed a different lifestyle...he needed a lemur companion that could fulfill the void in his life...and that is how it all started. We lost Chach several years ago due to heart failure at only 6 years old needless to say it ripped our hearts out and once again left us heartbroken, but in the short time we had him we had acquired several more lemurs that needed homes. It is in Chach's memory that we celebrate his life and the need for lemur rescue as we continue to grow and help lemurs in need of homes.    

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Max came to Ringtail Ranch January 2020 at 12 years old. This little guy was the most difficult rescue we have ever had. Max was barely breathing by the time he came to the ranch. He lived in a small cage ... alone. We took him to the vet immediately and were told Max was to weak to get blood work. His prognosis was grim. He was emaciated weighing only 2 pounds. Max was to thin to maintain a normal body temperature, he had no body muscle, no fur on his tail, hands and feet and barely any on his frail body. He had broken teeth in addition to either a broken nose or deformation from malnutrition. That evening we held Max in a heated blanket and told him he was home. After a very long night of seizures Max made it through night one and it was minute by minute for several weeks. Finally his will to survive ignited and with each day he came back to life more and more. Eventually, he began to thrive with a proper diet a sunny habitat, and lots of love. We are happy to report Max is now living his best life with his own troop of Lemurs with the most beautiful fluffy fur you have ever seen.

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Male & Female

Grover & Mommy 

Grover and Mommy we're a pair who came to us fully intact. We made sure to get Grover neutered right away. Well right away wasn't fast enough because several months later Mommy had a baby. We call Grover the "Old Man". He was the most aggressive lemur when he first came to us and now he's super chill with his caretaker. He has a very distinctive looking head and is the easiest to pick out in a crowd. Grover loves bananas and grapes, however, he chokes on just about anything that has  a peel on it so we have to take a little extra care in fixing his meals. Mommy is the matriarch of all our lemurs she is the oldest lemur at the ranch and was parent raised. Since she was parent raised she is very sweet, but keeps her distance from people.




When we brought home Grover, Mommy and Pootie we never expected a surprise. We do not breed lemurs and we get all of our males neutered. After Grover's quarantine was over we had him neutered, but that wasn't before he breed with Mommy. A few months later  we looked at her and she was holding something. We thought it was a stuffed animal until we were close enough to see a long beautiful tiny stripped tail wrapped around her. She had another baby that we named PP. Mommy was such an amazing mother. It was quite an experience to see

her enjoy being a mom. He earned the name PP because he would always squat and it looked like he was going peepee. 



You may have noticed some of our lemurs have two names. The first name is the one they were given and the second name is the one they earned while living on the ranch. Sometimes the name doesn't fit the lemur so we may tweak a little to fit,. Pootie is one of Grover and Mommy's babies. We were looking for a companion for Chach when we came upon Pootie and his Mom and Dad. We were offered all three lemurs and after we heard what Mommy had been through we couldn't break up this family. Pootie has the best disposition of all the lemurs. The only issue we have with him is he doesn't understand the word NO. In fact he hates the word NO. When he hears the word NO, all that wonderful disposition goes right out the window. When Pootie wants something its best just to give it to him.



TT is also a baby from Grover and Mommy. She became a Zoo's animal ambassador for a short time until she became to much for her to be around the public . In the past year she has made a complete turn around from when she arrived at the ranch. She was very aggressive and seemed protective and territorial more so than the others. In the passed year she has become more calm and very clingy. She will run up and jump on my shoulders hanging onto my hair as I do chores. However, I am not allowed to touch her, and that's ok. It's all about their comfort level and you need to know how far they will let you go.



Coming Soon!

Male Age


 He was left in a small cage at a pet store by a truck driver who did not want him anymore. When  we saw him he was in a little cage not even big enough for him to stretch himself. My heart was instantly breaking for him.  We took him home that same day and promised he would never be alone again.  He spends most days soaking up the sun and climbing trees just like the lemurs in Madagascar.  He was a very aggressive lemur as most human raised lemurs are. In the wild lemurs fear humans and are very cautious so they don't think of humans as equals. When a lemur baby is taken from their mother and bottle fed by a human, the fear is gone and they consider you one of them. As they mature they instinctively protect their territory and their troop. They attack with teeth that are sharper than a filet knife and at lightning speed.  Bubba has had his share of fights and is a low ranker among the troops. He enjoys human time a little more than hanging with his buddies. 

Male Age


After Hurricane Katrina we received a call from a Grooming Shop in the Huston area. They had to close their business due to massive flooding. They had a 2 year old Lemur, Shazam, and a 4 year old male, Flash. Because of her situation with the flood she needed to re-home the lemurs. 

Male Age


 Flash was very aggressive when he came to us. It took him many many years to trust us. Eventually he calmed down and has become a sweet guy.

Male Age 3


Jojo came along when  he was around 1 and a half and we bonded quickly . Jojo wouldn't let me out of his sight and made friends with everyone. He loves everyone and almost everyone loves him. He is the master of the tire swing>! He is the sweetest little lemur and enjoys the outdoors so much.

Male Age 


Rocco is so beautiful. He has so much white in his fur that he just lights up the troop. Rocco came to us because of aggression. His previous owner was severely attacked which required surgery to repair damage caused by Roccos sharp teeth. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason for the attacks other than instinctually they need to protect or rise in rank. Rocco has made many lemur friends at the ranch and we're happy to say he is thriving here.

Male Age


Zebediahs name change was as quick as he is! He is Zippy! There is no stopping this guy when he gets outside. He's very curious and loves to be the leader always.

Male Age


Leo came to us recently and is very needy for attention. He is such a sweet lemur. It can sometimes be very difficult for owners to relinquish their lemur to us that have been such a special part of their families lives. There are circumstances that come along and we have no control over as is the case of Leo. Im thrilled that he has found a bond with myself and recently fell in love with a new addition to the troop. 

Female Age


Beautiful Remi was becoming too aggressive for her owners to keep. Settled in nicely and has found a friend in Leo. Im sure Remi will be the boss as are all females in the lemur world.

Weenie Age


Weenie is our latest new family member of the ranch. He was a pet with a loving family when tragedy struck without warning. His life had taken a different turn than was planned. His remaining family decided to let him live at the ranch with other lemurs and the freedom to run around and forage in trees. He recently made friends with Bubba and thats really a big deal. Bubba doesn't like making new friends.



Our newest Rescue will be coming soon.



Our newest Rescue will be coming soon.



Our newest Rescue will be coming soon.



Kozmo is a Tri-Colored Ruffed lemur born Spring of 2021. He was actually not a rescue, but acquired as part of our ambassador program. 



Our newest Rescue will be coming soon.

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