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Lakeside Straw Huts

Animal Encounters

Ringtail Ranch Lemur Rescue is first and foremost a lemur sanctuary designed and managed for the wellbeing of our lemurs, who are critically endangered. We are a private facility and not open to the general public for that reason. However, we offer close-up encounters for educational purposes and we allow contact with the animals in our petting zoo. Please note that our animals can be extremely loud and may frighten young children and affect those with sensory issues.

Reservations must be made in advance and purchase is required at the time of reservation. For the protection of our lemurs and safety of our guests, contact with the lemurs is limited. We do

allow more hands-on interaction with the kangaroos, reptiles, birds and other animals. Please call or text (806) 781-1076 to make a reservation. We accept CashApp, Venmo and PayPal. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Health Notice: If anyone in your group is sick or has a cold sore, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to reschedule your encounter. Our primates are very susceptible to viral and bacterial infections and exposure to the flu, COVID, strep throat, cold sores, etc. can be lethal to them. Please help us protect the health of our lemurs and reschedule if you're sick!

Current Programs

Coloring with Critters at Ringtail Ranch

Forty-five minutes of coloring fun surrounded by our lemurs! This is an indoor encounter and we provide the materials. $20 per person, ages 3+.

Painting with Lemurs Workshop at Ringtail Ranch

Join us for a 90-minute fun and therapeutic painting workshop in the Ringtail Ranch lemur barn! Supplies and pre-drawn canvases are included, no artistic skills necessary! This class is for ages 16+ and prices start at $49/person.

Zoo Crew Group Encounter at Ringtail Ranch

Most Sundays from 2-3:00 p.m. and 4-5:00 p.m. inside our climate-controlled lemur barn. $20 per person for all ages. Encounter lasts approximately one hour in a group setting of up to 15 people. During that time you will learn about lemurs and have the opportunity to observe them in their enclosures. You will also meet our other ambassador animals including two kangaroos, a Harlequin Macaw, a bearded dragon, a marmoset and a pygmy goat. You might even see a kinkajou or two!

Zoo Crew Private Encounter at Ringtail Ranch

We offer private encounters Monday through Saturday by appointment only. $100 minimum for up to four people, and $25 for each additional guest. All ages welcome! Encounter lasts approximately hour and includes only your party of up to 25 guests. During that time you will learn about lemurs, give them treats and interact with them. You will also meet our other ambassador animals including our kangaroos, our Harlequin Macaw, our bearded dragon and our marmoset. Same-day appointments are NOT available as it takes time to prepare for each encounter.

Enrichment Workshop/Encounter at Ringtail Ranch

Come hang out with the Zoo Crew and help build enrichment toys for the lemurs, kinkajous and birds! These guys are incredibly intelligent and require daily enrichment activities for their mental and emotional wellbeing, so you'll be fulfilling a critical need by building something they can use for years to come! This workshop/encounter is for ages 10+ and tickets are $20/person.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Ringtail Ranch

We have an exciting announcement! This spring, we'll begin offering exclusive behind-the-scenes tours for the very first time. Guests will have the opportunity to tour our private facilities, meet all 50 of our animals, and help with food prep and enrichments for the lemurs. Reservations will cost $250/person and all the proceeds will directly fund food and enclosure upgrades for our critters. Stay tuned!

Zoo To You Encounters

Prices start at $125 depending on program location, number of guests in attendance, and which animals are included. Encounters last 45-60 minutes and include animal education and limited interaction with the animals, depending on species. Please call (806) 781-1076 for more information.

Special Events

We also host birthday parties, corporate events and more! Prices vary. Please call (806) 781-1076 for more information.

Our Animals

Komet, Kharma & Khaos - Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs

Kozmo - Tri-Colored Ruffed Lemur

Ginger & Gilligan - Red Ruffed Lemurs

Pongo & Sydney - Red Kangaroos

Charlie - Harlequin Macaw

Angel - Umbrella Cockatoo

Marley & Parker - Common Brown Lemurs

Penelope - 30" Miniature Horse

Sophie & Ramsey - Kinkajous

Yoshi - Bearded Dragon

Monkey - Common Marmoset

The Rescue Crew - 32 Ring-tailed Lemurs! 



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